“I created 1888EC to be the platform that I wish I had when I was younger. I the studio aspires to empower so many youth tech innovators!”



Solomon Kassa created 1888EC, a tech start up studio and co-working space in 2020 as a place to support the next generation of entrepreneurs and tech startups.

Our company name, 1888EC, refers to the date of the victorious Battle of Adwa on the Ethiopian Calendar (or EC).

In addition to representing a pivotal and revolutionary part of Ethiopian history, the letters “EC” also stand for ‘Entrepreneurship Center’.  With dual representations of our past victory as well as our fundamental work in building Ethiopia’s future entrepreneurs, our company’s creation originates from the idea of symbolizing the victory we want to reimagine.

Why 1888EC?

Our motto, “Victory Reimagined!” embodies the essence of our distinctive organization as a tech start-up studio committed to supporting and empowering entrepreneurial young people and improving the lives of many through the development of technological-based solutions to everyday problems. With our studio’s resources and access to our co-working space, people will have access to developing strong social networks and seek professional advice on their projects as well.

Our Mission

1888EC’s mission is to cultivate an ecosystem that will increase access and use of technology, while promoting job creation led by startups, entrepreneurs, and collaborative efforts with global partners. Our unique and innovative tech startup studio will be the first of its kind in Ethiopia.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the premier Ethiopian startup studio that will champion Ethiopia’s digital transformation and job growth, particularly for the nation’s young women and men. Through our vision for 1888EC, we intend to be disruptive innovators and change-makers in Ethiopia.

Our Goal

The vast majority of young Ethiopians with brilliant business ideas often lack the necessary skill and business development training to become successful. The goal of our Startup studios is to fill in the gap for the lack of business development skills young people may have, and collaboratively build with, and guide young entrepreneurs toward their dreams of establishing their businesses.

We will offer solid resources, internal teams, and networks, which entrepreneurs can utilize to propel ideas into products and businesses. 1888EC will primarily engage to:

  • Develop and test new business ideas and transform them into new start-ups, housed within 1888EC.
  • Engage with young entrepreneurs via our portal for collaborations/recruiting talent.
  • Mobilize our in-house teams consisting of designers, engineers, advisors, business developers, sales managers, legal, HR, financial experts, and brand/marketing specialists, to develop our MVPs.
  • Establish a co-working space to cultivate synergy and to boost creativity and innovation.
  • Foster strategic partnerships with other technical experts to execute our mission and technical needs.